Spring 2014
Mercanteinfiera Primavera

Mercanteinfiera Spring Edition

20th International Modern, Antiques and Collectable Exhibition

Parma March 1st-9th 2014
Fiere di Parma is pleased to invite you to Mercanteinfiera Experience, an exclusive program reserved to a selected audience that will turn the visit at  Mercanteinfiera into an unforgettable experience..
About 900 exhibitors for a journey through the antiques, the modern, design, vintage and valuables, as well as two special Collateral Events of great interest dedicated to the flair and to customs and habits.
Sguardi eccellenti: Famous Eyesglasses, in collaboration with Federico Mauro, Pavilion 4
Vanità: luxury through images, in collaboration with Alberto Nodolini, Pavilion 4
Not lose sight of the usual date with “l’Esperto Risponde”, “L’angolo del restauro” and the new presence of  “Diagnostica Risponde”. In Pavilion 4 there will be some interesting testimony of Marzia Corraini’s carreer, winner of the first edition of the Mercanteinfiera Award.
The traders days-only, two days before the beginning of Mercanteinfiera  (February 27th-28th 2014), are an authentic meeting for the merchants, the only real Traders Market, an unmissable event dedicated to operators and professionals.